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In the picture above I have drawn three material elements. Each one has its own gravitational field that vary, expanding and contracting, cyclically.

The left gravitational field is expanded in this time. It is intersected with the next gravitational field that is contracted, in the middle of the picture. And the contracted gravitational field is intersected with the gravitational field of far right, that is expanded at this moment.

Because the material elements are very close to each other, the two expanded gravitational fields are intersected too, over the mass M, and it produces that the mass M is enclosed inside the closed gravitational space created by these intersections, receiving a lot of pressure from different directions. It would be compared to enclose matter in a pressure cooker without any valve.

So, material mass M experiences a higher gravitational compression and it produces that its weight increases. For us weight is the result of pressure that a gravitational flux produces on matter trying to pass through it. If the material mass has a lot of density it doesn’t permit to be passed through it easily creating a resistance that produces its weight.

When matter M increases its density as consequence of gravitational pressures it selves, it offers a stronger resistance to be passed through than before. And because of it, the curvature of its gravitational field increases. It causes an alteration of the natural, or previous, frequency and phase of variation of its gravitational field that will keep contracted longer. This produces a change in the spatial structure of the molecule too, that is not represented in this picture. I have only represented the first moment, when heavier weight is created.

If the linear molecule were a portion of a DNA chain, I would say that a genetic mutation are taken place right now. Even I would say that this molecular structure remains me the two claws of a crab. The target that I am pursuit with this theories that I am writing here is to find a physical and mechanical explanation that let us to comprehend why some cells that we name cancer cells, but bacterial cells in infections too, are dividing in an increasing and apparently disordered way creating a lot of suffering to much people in our world. Cancer speaks us too about the coming youthfulness of our bodies because we know that our cells are able to reproduce in an indefinite way. But we need to know and to be able to control this process.

Mainstream physics does not currently offer an accurate explanation of atomic processes, in my opinion. And without it, it is impossible to comprehend why and how biological processes take place at a molecular level.

Things are very easy when they are comprehended. Otherwise they can be really hard and difficult.

Below is the summarized picture about Gamma radiation and decay that I commented in previous posts.


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