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In this section I’m going to put some links that I consider interesting, related with cancer, biomedical, and physics researches.

3. Jun 23, 2014.

Quantum coherence and cancer.

This is an article published at 2004 that I have found very interesting. It relates cancer with quantum coherence and comment the possibility that lasers could be used for stimulating stem cells.

2. Jun 23, 2014.

Quantum coherence and photosynthesis.

I consider quantum coherence takes place when (at least) two entangled gravitational fields vary periodically with the same phase (they both expand at the same time and later they both contract, and so on). The four fields created in the gravitational intersections are the subatomic particles of the shared nucleus, and they are bosons. The gravitational entanglement has a symmetry at the horizontal level, that violate the Pauli exclusion principle, but it has a mirror reflected asymmetry at the vertical level ruled by the Pauli exclusion principle. When the two entangled fields contract, they create an ascending movement in their mutual intersection that produces a longitudinal wave called photon. When they both expand the ascending energy decay, having its counter part at the convex side of the gravitational entanglement, creating an anti-photon. The expansion and contraction has a delay that will produce the inversion of the phase of variation.

I think that modulating the phases of that gravitational variation it is possible to transform bosons onto fermions and vice versa. I think that fermions are the subatomic particles (the 4 fields created by the gravitational intersection of at least two fields) when the entangled gravitational fields change with opposite phases. They have mirror asymmetry at the horizontal lev ruled by Pauli exclusion principle.

I think that oxygen is obtained in photosynthesis because of the modulation of the phases of variation of the molecular entangled fields of water. With respect to the role of Hydrogen in current science you can read what I think about in several posts on this blog.

1. June 1, 2014.

Low-power lasers can be used for regrowing tissues.

MIT Technology Review

I consider it a very interesting news. As you can read at Reuters, “scientists had long noticed that low-level laser therapy can stimulate biological processes like rejuvenating skin and stimulating hair growth but were not sure of the mechanisms”. In the case of dentin, the results seem very promising for future dental treatments that probably would open the door to many other applications in regenerative medicine.

But this experiments are made without any theoretical basis. Our scientists can not explain from a physical nor mechanical perspective why laser lights can stimulate stem cells development. I think that for a theoretical explanation we need to review the old atomic and electromagnetic models from our current physics, and it is in fact the reason for this blog.

Anyway it is very evident, I hope that physicists that are currently focused in cancer research will be aware of it, that if a laser is able to stimulate cells’ development, it will be able to inhibit them with the appropriate beam.

As you can read on this blog, I consider that molecules are formed by entangled fields that vary with specific frequencies and phases that can be modulated. Each kind of differentiated cell, I think, has their own specific frequencies and phases of variation. In my view the laser beam is changing the pases of variation of the entangled fields from those cells and it produces its development.

Telecommunication engineers know very well how to modulate wave frequencies and phases through other waves.

I think it is absolutely incredible that these so relevant researches are made only by dentists without the support of multidisciplinar teams with theoretical physicists, biologists and telecommunications engineers, inter alia, all of them looking desperately for the mechanical explanation of those results.

Our physicists need to awake. And to awake soon. It is not merely a theoretical question. It is about giving answers to the suffering of thousands of real people. Our scientists have a public responsibility.

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