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“Solar Winds” and “Shock Waves”. Is not Gravity a Force of Pressure?   1 comment

This artistic picture was published by NASA. It represents the interaction between the “solar winds” and the Pluto’s atmosphere.


(Credits: NASA/APL/SwRI)

Looking at that picture, I think it seems reasonable to deduce that the solar winds create a force of pressure on the Pluto’s atmosphere which resists to be pass through. This interaction between a pushing force and the matter that is passed through and resists the force, produces a field with a doble curvature. The different curvature is represented in blue and red colours. NASA picture is a static representation of a dynamical interaction.

Reading the NASA article it does not seem they are aware that the double curvature could be the two different momentum of the same field. If it were so, the field should be periodically variable.

The picture is almost an identical representation of the gravitational model I’m proposing here from some years ago. Could be that field the representation of the Pluto’s gravitational field? I think yes. In any case not, it would be the same mechanism that I think it has any gravitational field.

But it seems our scientists still think about gravity as a force of attraction before than the curvature of a space. I think that the gravitational curvature is created by the force of pressure of a flux in motion that finds the matter and try to pass through it.

This model is exactly the same that I propose at atomic level too.

Still it lacks the representation of the motion of that field and its intersection with another mirror field. I think it’s not so difficult to be aware that the interaction of that wave of pressure with the Pluto’s atmosphere has to be thermodynamical, that exists friction, spatial displacement because of the pushing force and the resistance to it, and that all have to happen periodically. It’s not so difficult to deduce that it would be possible that field were intersected (physically entangled) with another mirror symmetric field of another mirror planet.

The orbits around Pluto are drawn in the NASA’s picture as in between the red and blue fields. They should not be related to the mentioned interaction? they should not depend on them?

Let’s see how would interact two intersected fields that vary periodically as consequence of the force of pressure that creates them:





Where would be placed the Pluto’s “shock wave” in the model above? and our Sun?

The fact that our artefacts arrive to Pluto doesn’t mean that our models are right. People were able to predict eclipses using the geocentric model too. Still we do not know what gravity is. We do not know to control it, to interact with it, we only are able to fight against it destroying matter for getting the energy enough for overcome what from Greeks was considered an ineludible force, some necessary, the Greek Ananké.

Think by your self. Think rationally. Deduce. Induce. Follow the little clues, there are plenty of them in anywhere.

* Additional notes at Sep 8 2015 *

It seems that the idea of gravity as a force of pressure is not new at all.

Happily I’ve found a beautiful post in Quora website mentioning the theory of Nicolas Fatio (1690) and Georges Le Sage (1748) who considered gravity as a force of pressure.

I recommend you to read this so wonderful and well documented article in Wikipedia about it. It even mentions what Newton though about gravity as a force of pressure:

Fatio and Le Sage theory of gravitation

Another interesting Wikipedia link is Mechanical explanations of gravitation

Ando also this another one from Wikisource: On the ultramundane Corpuscles of Le Sage

A book that I’ve found following the links above is “Pushing Gravity: New perspectives on Le Sage’s theory of gravitation” – 2002, Matthew R. R. Edwards.

Here is it:


[And here is the mentioned post in Quora:

Read Alejandro Jenkins' answer to If light is made of electric and magnetic fields, what are those electric and magnetic field made of? on Quora ]

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