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The thesis presented on this blog is that gravitational fields vary periodically, they expand and contract, with the same or opposite phases. Two intersected gravitational fields varying periodically create in their mutual intersection four new fields which vary periodically too.

I consider that our known universe is one of the fields created by and in the intersection of two bigger fields/universes which vary periodically.

Supposing that those intersected universes are currently varying with opposite phases, when one of them contracts the other one expands, we could deduce that our own universe is expanding or contracting too, depending on the side which we situate our universe in.

Given that there are measures confirming that our universe is expanding, I think our universe should be placed on the mention system in the side of the intersected field which is currently expanding.

Because of that current variation, I deduce that the plane of our universe is fluctuating while expanding, and it could be possible to deduce the direction of that inclination.

The expansion of our universe represents a decompression inside of it, and as a consequence, a temporary loss of its material weight should be currently taking place.

I have drawn our universe colored in red on the first picture bellow, which would represent the “moment 1” of its periodical variation, its present time in fact. The second picture, the moment 2, would represent the opposite movement of the system. When the maximum expansion has occurred on the expanding field, it takes place a contraction. In this case our universe is colored in blue. The plane of our universe and its periodical oscillation would correspond with the the X2 coordinate and its periodical movement x2(M1) –> x2(M2) –> x2 (M1)


I think our universe is not the consequence of a big bang, but the consequence of the intersection of two parallel universes which vary periodically with the same or opposite phases. On the picture above, the intersected universes vary with opposite phases and because of it, are ruled by the Pauly exclusion principle.

It is possible to deduce the interdimensionality of the system too. There are 9 spatial dimensions and two temporary ones. But the temporary dimensions become a unique one when the phases of variation become synchronized.

I think this model should aplicable to our solar system too. I think our planet Earth does not orbiting around our sun but around to one of the fields created by the intersection of our sun0s field with the field of another parallel star. Those starts would have their gravitational fields intersected.

And I think the model is applicable at atomic level too, as you can read in other posts on this blog.


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