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Quantum Physics and Cancer Research   Leave a comment

Current atomic physicists, chemists, biochemists, biologists, physiologists, electrical engineers, etc, work with a model that asume electrons are subatomic particles that do not have a known relation with the gravitational fields we exist inside. Today, our science do not know the relation between gravity and electromagnetism, and at atomic level it is currently believed that gravity has an insignificant value. Although our current science is able to measure the effects of electromagnetic fields it does not know what electromagnetic fields are.

In the United States multidisciplinar teams integrated by professional from different scientific branches, atomic physicists, electrical engineers, biologists, biochemists, computer programmers, mathematicians, and professionals of the most prestigious hospitals and universities around the whole country, are working together in an unprecedented and pioneer economic, organizational, and human effort looking for a wider and more effective, maybe definite, comprehension of cancer. In this effort Quantum Mechanics appears as the a referencial knowledge for illuminating cancer research at atomic level, and to open new and broader perspectives for new effective, accurate and inoffensive treatments.

Unfortunately I think that current atomic physics is not enough for this purpose. For opening truly new and wider comprehensions of biological – normal and anomalous – phenomenons it would be necessary to revolution previously the current atomic physics, to review some basic and very assumed electrical concepts, and to review the standard model of atomic physics.

When Einstein thought that gravity is not a force but a curvature of the space, it transformed the tradicional concept of “force” into geometry. It changed the traditionally assumed and unquestioned idea about gravity and opened different perspectives for comprehending Nature.

Today it is not accepted that electromagnetism could be a question of pure geometry too. Electricity appears like an intrinsic property of matter. The Periodical Table of Elements tell us how many electrons has each atom and it appears to be enough for our mainstream scientists.

I think – this is the only idea that I am explaining in different ways on this blog – that electromagnetism is a consequence of the gravitational entanglement (its physical intersection) of at least two gravitational fields. For me gravitational fields vary periodically, they expand and contract. These periodical variations have not yet been measured as gravitational. It is not necessary recall that antimatter had not been measured either when it was formulated by Dirac.

Planets orbit around the sun and they change their distances periodically. Scientists deduced that planetary motions are caused by inertial forces coming from a first explosion named Big Bang. Recently they have measured gravitational waves and they consider it as a confirmation from those hypothesis. But all measures are susceptible of different interpretations. Is it more reasonable and a more scientific statement to say that planets are moved by inertial forces from a first universal and generative explosion than to say that planets are moved by the periodical variation of the gravitational field that they orbit? The recently measured gravitational waves only prove that there are periodical variations. It is necessary recall, this time yes, that the current astrophysical model is not able to justify all known asymmetries, all known anomalies and all known periodical fluctuations of known stellar systems and celestial bodies with an unique and mechanical explanation that is aplicable at atomic level too.

Continuing with the model of entangled gravitational fields that I have explain repeatedly in this blog, I think that they create in their intersection four new fields (or dimensions), two at the horizontal plane and two at the vertical plane. These new spatial dimensions, respecting parity, are mirror reflected of each other and experience periodical transformations in their energies, forces of pressure and emplacements.

Those entangled gravitational fields can vary with the same or with opposite phases, producing different results. Between each expansion and contraction there will be a little delay that will produce a progressive change on the phase of its periodical variation, and it will result inverted cyclically.

When those two entangled gravitational fields (A and B) vary with an opposite phase – when one expand the other contracts and vice versa – the 2 new fields (i and j) created at the vertical plane with an inverted symmetry will experience a displacement toward the gravitational field that is contracting. This spatial displacement is currently known as electrical. It is said that the more electronegative matter attracts the electrons of the other that is less electronegative, but for us this “force of attraction” is the simple displacement of the mentioned space, and it occurs periodically. When those spaces i and j move toward the left side (the contracted gravitational field A is located at the left and the expanded gravitational field B is placed at the right side) the i field is an electron (and the j field a mirror inverted electron), and when they move toward the right side (now the left A field is expanded and the right B field is contracted) the i field is a positron (and j its mirror reflected positron). So these periodical movements toward left to right create an oscillator that produces pushing forces creating waves. (The two fields K and L created at the horizontal plane of the gravitational intersection are protons and neutrinos. Protons or neutrons when the field (k or L) receives a double force of pressure by the fields that expand or contract, and neutrinos or antineutrinos when the field (K or L) experience a double decompression because of the variation of those gravitational fields. Quarks are the side of the gravitational field that create a pressure because of its variation).

When those entangled gravitational fields (A and B) vary with the same phase, when they both contract the field i experience an ascendent force created by a double ascending pressure. This force produce a “photon”. Here the j field experience a double decompression. And when they both expand the i field experiences a lose of energy, because it has a double decompression that produces a descending movement. This lack of energy is placed now at the convex side of the entangled gravitational fields, the j field, and it produces an antiphoton.

At the left and right side there are now a symmetry. So with equal phases of variation the oscillation follows up and down movements.

I think that these 4 electrical dimensions and their rhythms of variation are the key to comprehend the mechanisms of normal and anomalous cells division.

Because these fields have a different volume, they experience different forces of pressure, they have different kinetic (magnetic) energies inside – depending on the pressure that they receive and the volume that they have – and they experience different spacial displacements each time.

If we change their “normal” rhythms, we will change all the normal time of the processes that take place in them.

For example a process could be the time that a matter need to complete an orbit inside the field k. If the gravitational fields vary with opposite phases and the left gravitational field A is contracted, the electrical fields i and j will experience a displacement toward the side of the field A, and the field K will receive a double force of pressure, a pressure top to down by the side of the field B that expands and a force of pressure down to top by the side of the field A that contracts. When the field K experiences this double pressure its volume is lesser. A matter that orbit inside it will need less time to finish the processes of completing one orbit. That matter will experience an acceleration too because the pressure forces will pushing on it. So the time of that orbital process will be much more lesser and the energy that it creates will be much more greater that if it experienced a double decompression, like occurs at this moment in the field L, its mirror antisymmetric field that exist at the right side of the system, in the B gravitational field.

Could we consider these 4 electromagnetic fields like the DNA replication forks that need be filled with another matter? Could be the RNA template the convex side of those entangled gravitational fields? Are transmission electrons chains entangled fields that vary with opposite phases? Are there a mirror reflected (inverted) spacial (and so electromagnetic) symmetries between different cell layers? Are proton and neutron pumps fields created at the intersection of two fields that vary with opposite phases, that experience periodical displacements? And what would be the cause that would determine the frequency and cyclical phases of all those spatial variations?

I think that gravity is a force of pressure of a flux that try to pass through a matter. Depending on the density of the matter (the quantity of matter that exist in a concrete space) this gravitational flux will find more or less resistance to pass through. If it find more resistance the gravitational curvature that produces this interaction will be greater. It’s only a question of spaces.

I think that the Periodical Table of Elements is an artificial classification of the same matter. The different geometry of matter and all the properties that we are able to measure on it and experiment with, only depend of the spacial distribution of material masses in a concrete space that exists in the intersection of other spaces that vary periodically.

It is very well known by telecommunication engineers that it is possible to modulate with precision the phases of waves variation. Are there in the interdisciplinary teams that are researching about cancer telecommunication engineers? I guess not.

The idea that cell development could be regulated and modulated by wave frequencies is used by many (and very increasing) “alternative” or “pseudoscientific” therapies following some deep intuitions that oriental philosophies and traditional east medicines known for a long time. But they do not have the necessary scientific and theoretical support, and they do not have any accuracy in their procedures. In this sense are known many different and marginal initiatives and efforts trying to apply electricity into cells since the beginning of the XX century until today.

Mainstream and non mainstream medicines are fighting today each other in this incipient field of bioelectrical medicine, and there are many devices that apply electrical pulses, low and high wave frequencies, and so on. Nobody knows what are the specific frequencies for health a specific tumor in a scientific way. They are conformed of are able to destroy it. They do not try to modulate anomalous cell developments, and redirect into a healthy cells again, they are trying to eliminate them.

Current science have a very assumed idea that our immune system is a question that implies cell fighting. Like if cells had a militar consciousness to know who are their enemies. But they do not able to explain which the enemy is when it comes to autoimmunity.

Recent mainstream medical researchers, looking for new remedies against cancer with the support of some well known laboratories are starting to treat brain tumors with very low wave frequencies devices, although with good but insufficient results too.

it is well known that the recovering of Sportive bone injuries is accelerate using electrical pulses, and they are currently used at athletic medicine.

Here in Spain some Public and private Hospitals are treating fibromyalgia patients’ pain with very low wave frequencies too with very good results.

But they do not know the mechanisms for those biological reactions to electrical fields and forces. These bioelectrical remedies are only general and not enough. Currently researchers are blind in the way that they are follow, without the necessary theoretical support that let an accurate and very effective modulation of biochemistry and cell behaviors. To follow an essay and error methodology here is an eternal and very difficult labor. We need to be able to calculate precisely the frequencies of variation that correspond with each molecular and tissue structure. I think that then we will be able to modulate them in the same way that we are now able to modulate the electrical earth anomalies with electrical devices as cardiac pacemaker or cardiac defibrillators in a very accurate and effective way.

It has been recently known that some cherry seeds that were in the international Space Station, have developed genetic mutations in their flowers – with only five petals instead of the normal 30 – ad have fructified with only 4 years of life instead of the normal 10 when they have been planted. But this discovery was not a consequence of any scientific experiment, those seeds went into the ISS in a testimonial way. The reason because our scientists did not think about such kind of experiment is because they currently think that gravity has an insignificant value at atomic level.

It is very very well known too that people that are in the ISS experience very high bone cells’ loses. Instead of looking for a mechanical explanation at atomic level related with gravity and its lack, scientists are looking for strictly biologists explanations. They reject unconsciously mechanical explanations based on gravity.

I think that the gravitational mechanism that I have commented here in this general way rules cells differentiation too. And it has the key for comprehending wrong chromosome replications – as it occurs in Down syndrome – all mitochondrial diseases, and virus and bacterial infections. All in nature, all natural processes follow a rhythm. If those rhythms are altered, the processes will take place in more or less time, and the result will appear as an acceleration or deceleration of their normal velocities. A mutation.

It is very interesting and necessary to sequence all genomes. But if we do not know the basic mechanisms we can not comprehend genome. We could be able to create synthetic genomes but we do not know how to cure genome anomalies. Our science only implants one think into another like the farmer that creates new varieties by grafting, like the Frankenstein Doctor built their monstrous creatures and with electrical charges vivified them.

I think it is not enough to open biology to physics for cancer and health researches. It is necessary to revolution atomic physics itself, to open physics to other influences that could contribute with fresh and unconventional ideas.

Nature is not a very incomprehensible think only accesible for very special and exclusive people able to read and make equations and think about total abstractions.

Nature is infinite complex but their mechanisms are infinitely simple too. But for comprehending it, it is necessary to have authentic freedom to think about them and a passionate desire to find out the true. To ask always for the first cause, do not accept arbitrary conventions, do not accept pragmatisms and utilitarisms, do not accept irrationality. Do not accept business and industrial or financial necessities. We can not accept partial solutions of new and insufficient therapeutic targets.

And we need to be radical. I do not see any radicalism in current mainstream scientists. They are closed in their very sure academic – and endogamic – field. It appears that our scientists are very worried about keep their prestigies, develop their carees, register patents, how many papers their names appear in, or how to win a Nobel prize. It will sound very unfair and probably it is, but I think so.

Will it be necessary a personal and vital engagement, to see very close the enormous pain of loved people and their definite lose to have a true and radical engagement with the human suffering? I do not wish it for anyone.

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