Subatomic Particles as Imaginary Numbers Update   Leave a comment

In this post there is not any new idea, I have only tried to put clearly the pictures of the previous post, although probably here there are some formal mistakes too.

I think that because we are working with nonconmutative dimensions that are real and imaginary at the same time, this ideas could be placed in the frame of nonconmutative and relativistic quantum field theories. (We consider “imaginary” numbers – or dimensions – as mirror reflected).

For better understand these ideas I would recommend you to read the previous posts if you did not. We work with intersected gravitational fields that vary periodically, and with mirror reflected dimensions that are the subatomic particles of one shared atomic nucleus of a diatomic molecule. These ideas would be aplicable too at astrophysical level, there are not two kind of natures. But under our perspective the currently accepted Solar System model appears as a totally insufficient description of reality. We commented it in other post on this blog too.






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