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Bosons Spectral Lines:


Fermions Spectral Lines:


As you can read in other posts on this blog, we consider that gravity is a force, but it is not a force of attraction, it is a force of pressure. We consider too that gravity is a curvature of a space, but it is a periodically variable curvature.

When a gravitational flux – you can think about a longitudinal wave – pushes on matter, it experiences a different refraction, causing the gravitational curvature of the created gravitational field. Its curvature depends on the resistance of that matter to be pass through. the interaction between that matter and the pushing gravitational flux produces the periodical gravitational fluctuations. This interaction was commented on other posts.

We think that at least two intersected – physically entangled – gravitational fields create in their mutual intersection 4 new fields. The periodical variations of those entangled gravitational fields produce on these new 4 fields temporary forces of pressure, kinetic energies inside them, and spacial displacements of themselves. These new 4 fields created by the gravitational entanglement are, for us, the currently known as the fundamental particles, when it comes to “atoms”.

These 4 fields constitute the named “atomic nucleus”. That for us is a shared “nucleus” formed by four fields.

So, we think that “atoms” do not have a nucleus inside them. “Atomic nucleus” are the fields created by the intersection of at least two gravitational fields that vary periodically.

Thus, electrical charges are the forces of pressure created by the spatial displacements of those 4 fields, and its kinetic energies. We think that What is currently being measured as particle’s masses are really the forces of pressure that those 4 fields experience as a consequence of tose gravitational variations.

The frequencies and phases of variations of those entangled gravitational fields produce different consequences.

When both entangled gravitational fields (in the case that there are entangled only two gravitational fields, that it is the simplest structure) have the same phase of variation, they both expand at the same time and later they both contract at the same time, the 4 fields created are bosons. If the intersected gravitational fields vary with opposite phases, when one of them expands the other contracts, the 4 created fields are fermions. We can identify them as “fermions” or “bosons” because of the different symmetries that the dynamics of those fields create.

You can see these different consequences in other posts on this blog. But here I am focusing on explaining the different spectral lines that they both create:

1. When it comes to fermions, the entangled gravitational fields vary with opposite phases, there is an electronic asymmetry. The electron-field moves toward the side of the gravitational field that is contracted.

When the left gravitational field is contracted, the electron-field will move toward the left side, and it will be consider that it has a negative charge. Its is an electron. When the right gravitational field is contracted, the electron-field will move toward the right side, and it will be consider that it has a positive charge. Now it is a positron. Electron and positron, when it comes to fermions, are the same field located in different places at different times.

Because gravitational expansions and contractions are periodical, in the next moment the electron-field will move toward the right side and, later, the positron-filed will move toward the left side, and so on in a cyclical way.

The waves that these periodical movements toward right and left will produce, will be similar than the waves that would produce a rope if we moved one of its ends toward right and left.

The frequency of that left to right and right to left movement will depend on the frequency of the gravitational variations of those intersected gravitational fields.

2. When it comes to bosons, there is an electronic symmetry in the horizontal plane (in the vertical there is an asymmetry too as you can read in other posts on this blog).

Here there is no movements toward left and right, but there is a periodical up to down, and down to up movement of one of the created fields.

The waves generated by these up and down movements will be similar to the waves that would produce a rope if we moved one of its ends forward and backward.

All these movements produce the currently known as emission and absorption lines. What we consider as “emission” and “absorption” will depend on the side that we are contemplating those waves.

Yo can see represented these movements in a general way on the pictures above.

It is possible to make an explanation relating these different lines with the different kinetic energies of each field, the different pressures on them, their spatial displacements, and their periodical transformations.

But really we do not know if these general ideas about spectral radiations could explain in a correct and accurate way the known spectral lines of the different material elements. We are not able to do this, we have only presented this theory, and we have don it in a general way.

We have deduced these ideas as the logical consequence of entangled and periodically variable gravitational fields model that we have presented and explained in this blog.

In fact all the posts that we have published here are particular consequences of the same idea, we have only explained with different words the mechanism: Gravitational fields vary periodically. Electromagnetic charges are consequence of gravitational entanglements.

With respect to the relative difference between gravity and electromagnetism you can see what we said in other posts.


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