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It has been accepted for a long time that water is a molecule formed by 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom.

But we consider that water, as oxygen molecule, is only formed by two oxygen atoms. We think the difference between water and oxygen molecules must be found at the different phase of variation of the intersected gravitational fields that creates their different electrical configurations and spatial symmetries.

For us each material mass has its own gravitational field that vary – expands and contracts – with a specific frequency. When two gravitational fields – from two oxygen masses, by example – intersect, they create in their mutual intersection some new fields with different motions and pressures that are currently known as “chemical bonds”.

I used above the term “mass” and non “atom” because here we are thinking about a different model of “atom”. For us material masses do not have electrical charges inside of them. Electrical charges for us are consequences of intersections of at least two gravitational fields that vary with the same or opposite phase.  So, we think about electrical charges like fields that moves and create different pressures inside them.

In the case of an Oxygen molecule we think there are two intersected gravitational fields that vary with the same frequency but opposite phases: when the gravitational field of one oxygen expands, the gravitational field of the another oxygen contracts. This explains the electrical polarity and spatial asymmetry of the oxygen molecule.

For us, “electronegativity” is not a tendency or a property of matter that attracts electrons, it is the consequence of the variations of at least two intersected gravitational fields. On of the fields created by that intersection, which is currently known as “shared electrons”, moves toward the matter that has its gravitational field contracted.

In the case of a water molecule we think there are two intersected gravitational fields that vary with the same frequency and with the same phase: they both expand and contract at the same time. They both are the gravitational fields of two oxygens too.

In our perspective water molecules do not have Hydrogen atoms. They only have 2 Oxygens. So we think that for transforming water molecules into Oxygen molecules and oxygen molecules into water molecules it is only necessary to change the phase of variation of one of their intersected gravitational fields to make equal or opposite.

Wave’s phase modulations are well known by telecommunication engineering.

Of course we are making these statements in a hypothetical way. This is our hypothesis. For us it has a lot of sense. But to mainstream scientists it is more than likely it will look a complete nonsense because is accepted and not discussed since the XVIII century that water is formed by Hydrogen.

We could accept that a Hydrogen mass, if it rally exists as an independent material element, has its own gravitational field that could intersect with the gravitational fields of other material elements, depending on its frequency of variation and the distance between them. And in this way, two Hydrogen atoms could intersect with a unique oxygen atom. But if we think in terms of fields that intersect and vary cyclically, “Hydrogen” appears as something very “suspicious”.

Current science is using “Hydrogen” and “proton” terms in a free and instantly interchangeable way because Hydrogen is assumed to have a unique proton with a positive charge inside its atomic nucleus. For current science Hydrogen’s proton results very useful and absolutely necessary for explaining most chemical reactions that are not nuclear.

Currently accepted atomic model locates positive protonic charges inside of atomic nucleus, so if they did not have the positive charges of Hydrogens, placed inside of atomic Hydrogen nucleus but outside of the participating atoms’ nucleus, they wouldn’t explain how nuclear protons could be lost and gained in an oxidazing-reductiong or in a acid-base reaction.

For us “positive charges” are not inside material masses. They are consequence of pressures and motions created by the variations of intersected gravitational fields. And occurs in their mutual intersections. For losing or gaining “positive charges” like protons it is only necessary for us that a gravitational variation takes place.

We think that electrical asymmetries of oxygen molecules are produced by the opposite phase of variation of  their intersected gravitational fields. And in water’s molecules electrical symmetry is caused by the equal phase of variation of their intersected gravitational fields.

So we are thinking so that if we changed the phases of variation of gravitational fields in an oxygen molecule, making them equal, we would change its electrical asymmetry and would obtain the same electrical symmetry that is known have water molecules.

But for achieve that electrical symmetry we would do not need any Hydrogen atom, we would need only, we guess, two oxygen atoms and to change the phase of variation of their intersected gravitational fields.

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