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Antigravity and Antielectromagnetism   Leave a comment

Currently it is not known that gravitational fields change periodically. It is believed that no cyclical gravitational fluctuations have been measured yet on gravitational fields. I just said that “it is believed” because in our view they have already been measured in some different ways:

Casimir forces are in our opinion gravitational pushing forces created by the cyclical variation – expansion and contraction – of the gravitational fields related to the material masses that produce its gravitational – and variable – curvatures.

Van der Waals forces are in our view created by the displacements of the “electromagnetic” field born of and in the intersection of at least two entangled gravitational fields. Those electromagnetic displacements are caused by the cyclical gravitational variation of each entangled gravitational field.

Planetary perihelion and aphelion are in our perspective direct consequences of the cyclical gravitational expansion and contraction of the orbited field.

Today it is accepted by mainstream physics that there is a pressure field named “Higgs field” which is the reason that matter has its weight. This field that permeates the entire universe vibrates when it interacts with matter. And this vibration itself is known as “Higgs boson”.

For us it is evident that the vibration of the “Higgs field” can be considered a cyclical fluctuation of the gravitational field that interacts with each matter. But for mainstream physicists this is not so evident. They are having a lot of difficulties finding how gravity can be integrated simply in a unified explanation of natural forces. We think their difficulties are due to a misunderstanding about what electromagnetic “charges” and electromagnetic fields are. This misunderstanding is preventing them from understanding what gravity and anti-gravity are too.

For us anti-gravity is a fundamental force of Nature. It is a force created by gravity itself.

Most properly, antigravity is a “force” created by gravitational “interactions” and fluctuations. It comes from the entanglement of at least two gravitational fields that change cyclically with equal frequencies and phases of variation.

It could be said also that antigravity is an anti-electromagnetic force. In our perspective, electromagnetism comes from the entanglement itself of at least two gravitational fields. So, an electromagnetic field is the field created in the intersection of at least two entangled gravitational fields.

This electromagnetic field moves toward the four spatial directions depending on the phase of variation of each entangled gravitational field.

When these two gravitational fields contract at the same time, the electromagnetic field contracts and rises producing an upward pressure force which creates the waves named “photon” or “photonics energy”. If there were material particles orbiting inside the electromagnetic filed, its orbit here would be magnetic, they would receive a pushing inward force from the movement of the field itself.

Later, when those entangled gravitational fields expand, the electromagnetic field that exists between them will expand too, losing its upward pressure force because of its downward movement. Therefor, the electromagnetic field will experience a decompression, becoming unable to create photonics energy at that moment.

So, the material particles which were moving inside of the electromagnetic field would not receive the inward force for its magnetic orbit. And the material masses that there could be at the outside face of the electromagnetic field would receive an outward pressure force.

So far we have talked about the inside and outside faces of the electromagnetic field that exists in the intersection of entangled gravitational fields. This electromagnetic field is placed inside of those gravitational fields. But outside of those entangled gravitational fields there is other field also. This other field that exists at the outside face of the gravitational intersection has an inverted curvature. Because it is inverted with respect to the electromagnetic curvature of the gravitational intersection, it can be considered as an “anti-electromagnetic” field.

When the electromagnetic field descends losing its upward force, the anti-electromagnetic field creates an equal downward force of pressure. This force creates waves, an “anti-photon” or “anti-photonics energy”, which have an opposite direction with respect to the gravitational direction. Because the anti-electromagnetic field has an opposite curvature with respect to of the gravitational curvature of each entangled gravitational field, it can be considered as an “anti-gravitational field”. The temporary energy that it creates is currently being looked for by physicists by the name of “dark energy” or “zero point energy”.

For us, there is a flux of “something” that experiences a curvature when it meets a material mass and passes through it. Its curvature, which is gravitational, depends on the resistance of that matter to be passed through. So, each gravitational field is generated by a force of pressure created by the motion of a “flux” which has a concrete direction.

But what is this flux? It could be said that it is a “Higgs field” in motion. But for us, the answer depends on the perspective that we are watching from. For example, if our sun were placed inside the field created by the intersection of two entangled gravitational fields of two other stars, the gravitational flux of the sun’s gravitational field would be the different pressure movements (upward and downward) created by the variation of those two entangled fields that would contract and expand. In this case, the gravitational field of our sun would be “electric” and our planetary orbit around it would be “magnetic.”

But what gravitational flux would have caused the gravitational field of those each other stars then? Would it be each one of them placed at the intersection of two other entangled gravitational fields too? Our own universe could be the electromagnetic field created by the intersection of two other entangled “gravitational” universes that would depend on other entanglement too, and so we will continue in an infinite way.

The so-called “Big bang” that supposedly created our universe, could be the expression of this entanglement between two bigger universes.

On the other hand, for us, electromagnetism is not placed inside of the matter. We believe it is wrong to think that electrical charges are something placed inside of material masses because for us they are placed at the intersection of two entangled “gravitational” fields.

The atomic nuclei are the gravitational intersection themselves. And we think it is wrong to think that “electrical charges” are some mysterious entities with attraction and rejection forces, because for us they are nothing different from spatial entanglements and its movements at different times.

There are neither attraction or rejection forces, there are only spaces that change with particular frequencies and phases, and entangled spaces that change and interact between them in different ways.

You can download it here: Antigravity and Antielectromagnetism

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